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El Zonte, San Salvador February 7-12, 2023

Our winter retreat is being held at a private villa overlooking the ocean for the ultimate in relaxation. This trip is designed to promote the best soul healing environment while satisfying the explorer in you.  We all deserve a bit of fun while working to clear blockages and heal inner trauma. 

This retreat will provide each client with one on one healing sessions, guided mediation, yoga, daily sound healing bath, reiki using universal healing energy, two excursion,  the number of people is limited we are able outside the villa to provide immerse yourself in the culture and heritage found in El Zonte. 

The retreat is all inclusive including all prepared meals prepared in the villa, an excursion to the ocean with the option to take surf lessons and a waterfall hike nearby. Mornings and evening will be spent healing, nurturing, and developing a personal ritual that you can take home with you to encourage continued self healing and discovery in becoming our best self, and fulfulling our divine purpose.

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