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Great ways to help detox the mind & body

I recently learned that hot lemon water first thing in the morning can have some pretty amazing health benefits. Lemon water can be very acidic, which happens to be a great way to lower acid levels in your body, uric acid is something a large amount of our population has problems balancing later in life. This build up of uric acid is also known as gout and can cause severe problems if you already have underlying health issues. The acid in the lemon juice actually sends messages to your body first thing in the morning that your body already has enough acid, and the body knows to start processing and releasing any acid built up in the body, like uric acid, that tends to build up in joints. This also helps with recovery after working out, when different acids build up during muscle building and recovery.

Lemon water first thing in the morning also starts the livers fat burning process, kickstarting the fat burning process and aids in digestion. This new healthy habit can boost the immune system, has alkalizing affects and stimulates the brain. lemons also contain vitamin C which is needed fro collage production to reduce wrinkles. make sure to drink the lemon water before your coffee or tea.

I am going to start implementing this and journal my results here beginning June 1, 2022. Are you interested in joining me and helping me to be accountable on my journey? I can really use the support and encouragement along the way and would be super grateful if you allowed me to be a part of your healing journey also. Would you like to join me and journal your results also?

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