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June Challenge 2022

The June challenge begins tomorrow. This is a very small step in creating a habit. But it is a step in the right direction. With this good habit we can build another good habit upon the previous.

The June Challenge 2022 is to begin each day with glass of warm lemon water and get outside in the just after waking up for some type of moderate exercise for at least 21 days. When we continue this new habit past 60 days, it will programmed in your brain 🧠

Kick the fatigue, and start burning fat first thing in the morning. Remember that lemons are full of vitamin C which is great for collagen production and avoiding wrinkles. A new routine can do the body & mind wonders! A new routine cause brand new synapses in the brain ans each time you push yourself out of your comfort zone or do something you fear you create new connections in your brain and stimulate brain health. Stay tuned for more and join us over in the facebook group Better Body and Mind.

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