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2023 Winter Healing Retreat

Are you ready for a winter escape to a tropical destination? I am always ready for a tropical paradise by the time February rolls around. You will not want to miss this special private villa we have secured for this winters tropical get away. You will experience lush accommodations in a private villa, transportation to and from the airport and all excursions are included. All meals are prepared at the villa with no reason to leave unless you want to explore.

In addition to the beautiful ambiance and relaxing atmosphere, we will dive deep into each healing modality to provide the most transformative experience for each client. Through the use of healing frequencies with singing bowls, drums, bells, and chimes your body will be transformed into a peaceful and relaxing melody. The group will meet at the fire nightly to reminisce and share the discoveries from the individual healing sessions. Sharing is optional but highly profound and helpful to others and self when we discuss our findings and listen to others perspectives. Guided meditations and daily yoga classes are available every morning, and time to relax in and around the pool taking in the ocean view will be available daily.

Two excursions are planned to explore the local culture and heritage in the city, a living hedge maze is available for testing your memory, or schedule surfing lessons at the beach with a local instructor. A nearby city has a waterfall hike to enjoy and is the perfect photo opportunity to grab those instagram worthy photos that will bring back memories for years to come.

Our team is planning this epic winter healing retreat, but space is limited in this private villa. Be sure to submit the application today and receive more details about booking your deposit, and payment plan available by submitting your Healing Retreat application


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